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Representing businesses and individuals who aim to make the American Dream their reality.

Practice Areas

Requests for Evidence (RFEs)

When Immigration Services requests additional evidence in order to process your visa application, you can rely on our expertise to craft a detailed response that will place you in the strongest immigration posture possible.

Investors (E-2, E-1 Visas)

Whether you are interested in coming to the United States to establish a cutting-edge startup or simply investing in one, we offer specially tailored solutions to make your business dreams a reality.

Intracompany Transfers (L-1 Visas)

No matter whether your international company is a multi-million dollar enterprise or a small to medium business, this is an effective option for transferring top personnel to the United States.

Professionals & Students
(H-1B, H-3, E-3, F-1, J-1, M-1 Visas) 

From individuals who are working on their bachelor's or master's degree to those who have already acquired them, we develop the strategies that help our clients achieve their full educational and career potential in the United States.

Artists, Entertainers, & Athletes
(O-1, P-1, P-2, P-3 Visas)

If you are a world-class artist, entertainer, educator, athlete, or business leader and you wish to bring your extraordinary talents to the United States, this could be the path for you.   

Permanent Residence

Whether you and your family are planning to come to the United States or you are already here and wish to make the United States your permanent home, we will work with you to craft the most effective immigration strategy for your circumstances.


We work closely with our clients, through every step of the way, to ensure they are in the strongest position possible to achieve that highest of honors - United States citizenship. 


Our Vision

Immigrating to the United States can be a daunting, complex, and time-consuming process.  We are committed to guiding our clients through this labyrinth by clearly presenting the options available to them and how we will pursue them together, as a team. 

By providing the most comprehensive, compassionate, and effective service to our clients we will help them achieve their true potential both personally and professionally.  

At the Law Offices of Alfred Delgado we believe that America was built through the toil and sweat of all those who came to this country seeking a better future. What was true at the founding of this great nation remains true today. We stand ready to make the American Dream a reality for all those who believe in it.


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Alfred Delgado
Attorney at Law

Tel: (954) 302-7606

My success as an immigration attorney is due, in no small part, to my provenance.  I am the son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic.  Though I was born in New York, I spent my formative years in the Dominican Republic.  There I developed a deep understanding for the  struggles that people endured on a daily basis and how hard they worked to make a better life for themselves and their families. 

My parents were no different in their aspirations.  Sensing greater opportunities in the United States for their own children, they returned to the United States.  I made the most of those opportunities, graduating with honors from high school and the University of Florida.  

Thereafter, seeking a career in which I could do the greatest good for the greatest number of people, I decided to pursue law and was subsequently accepted into the University of Miami School of Law.  Following my graduation I became an advocate for immigrants.  I successfully worked with a coalition of immigrant and community groups to prevent the implementation of “Arizona-style” (SB-1070) anti-immigrant ordinances in Broward County and the construction of a proposed detention center in Southwest Ranches.


The passion and care I apply to my work as an immigration attorney is a direct result of the path that I have traveled.  It is a path I open to all those who have nowhere else to go.  I know the hopes and dreams riding on an individual or a family’s immigrant or non-immigrant petition.  My job is to make those dreams a reality for them as surely as my parents did for me.

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Tel:  (954) 302-7606

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